Friday, November 5, 2010

November........I'm already nostalgic....

for September!
darn you weird November sunshine....
70 degrees. wow.
you don't fool me tho. I've been at my sewing machine putting together the first of many pairs of mitts I'll make this fall and  winter.

I gathered up some acorns and leaves....and the tawny tones inspired me to make these.......

Just added to my that yountville girl shop

wooly stripes of navy, forest green, tree brown and camel with wine...

I made them in different sizes...used the knit upside down and added some vintage buttons for interest.

Cashmere too ? yes. 

Cold ? How about a jacket....Vintage 70s style ! nylon windbreaker slick fabric is packed full of natural goosedown. Goosedown is what you want....don't settle for a modern duck feather jacket. Duck feathers don't have the same insulating power as down....Tempco was a high-end brand back in the day. You know...if it was good back's good now!
Quality lasts....and is worth recycling!

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