Saturday, September 12, 2009

bean me up Scotty

If it has leather and a buckle I'm
probably wearing it......
I have worn out a few pairs of LLBean boots...a few pair of lace-up calf high boots, and most recently ..a pair of LLBean mocs that I wore for the few years I gardened pro-style on the water for the Rich People.
I just passed them on to a thrift, so the next person could buy them for a couple of dollars and have the rubber replaced for about 25 bucks. Yes, these are items that are Fixed. Repaired. To wear again.

This is a weird concept in the throw-away culture that has boomed in the last 25 years. I'm glad I'm old enough to know what life used to be like...and I'm thrilled to see the very beginning of a turn-back to the ways of buying quality and not spending every penny on crap clothing.
Of course, giving you excellent quality things is what funkoma vintage is all about. I don't deal in the stupid fast fashion......Every item I deal in ...has to be something good!

I'm a classic-sturdy-quality-tomboy clothes nerd.
I love rubber, and stitching and leather, and canvas, and rawhide, and denim and wool, and tweed and corduroy.....I adore these:
But these are really my LLBean Boot heartthrobs........

So can you imagine my delight when I found these a few days ago?
a LLBean boot with a belted buckle across the vamp.

I love them better than the lace up kind or the mocs...and I lurve them.......

Maine Hunting Shoe
L.L.Bean Inc.
I don't know exactly how old this style is...that resembles an Engineer or motorcycle boot....I'm gonna guess 80s or 90s tho.
And that's the deal with The Classics.

Because the style changes very little over time, it can be hard to date.
At the very bottom of this post is a little video to watch of the real LLBean factory right here in the USA.

LLBean is one of the many labels I always buy......because I'm trying to raise the level of usability and do it with style........
The Pacific Northwest, the West Coast has its own style......
Oh sure these are from Maine...a shoe factory in PNW? Quite a few along the West Coast tho.......Magdesians, Kimel, Fleuvog.......West Coast Shoe Company, not.

But Danner in Portland will recraft their fine boots just like LLBean.......

These LLBean shoes are so darn cute.....they have everything I love in sweeeet footwear....quality name and materials....cute cute cute overload style....
rubber and leather......just what a gal needs for a rainy Pacific Northwest day..

and bonus...pick your favorite's just 3 choices......

These Coffee and Chocolate are my faves.........


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I have never worn the LL Bean duck boots (I remember when they were worn by the preppie kids at my school and so they've, sadly, been associated with that for me ever since). I had no idea they came in so many styles--love the tall lace-ups, and the flats are cute (love the yellow!).

A big hurrah for buying high quality stuff and having it repaired and continuing to wear it rather than just throwing it away. Great post.

propriatress said...

I think the bean duck boots do take some getting used to...they aren't really all that cute!
They're tough.
That's why I was tickled to peruse the newer versions of the older goodies on the website.
They're cuter.
Tough and cute make a great couple!