Saturday, October 17, 2009

I make stuff....many people like it...

Just saying...because when you spend your day and many many middle of the nights, thinking and making, and then someone buys what you Dreamed and Made....well, it sets the world spinning on greased grooves.
I have been playing around with bloomers since I was a wee one...they just fascinated different from modern underwear...bloomers are big and baggy and not form-fitting. Made to be worn under a full skirt.

When I was in Junior High....
we wore tight girdles to keep the stockings up...tights were around and I certainly wore those....and then exclusively after awhile. But as a grown-up I played around with vintage stockings and garters and garter belts and girdles once I moved to Washington.
It's a matter of Cold.

In a screened porch of my parent's cabin at the Hotel, about 1963, I found a trunk of clothes that dated to the 20s and 30s. Lots of satin and lace and fluffiness and fringe and musty smells. There was pair of bloomers made of black satin and trimmed with baby blue ribbons and pink lace, rosettes of velvet and rhinestone buttons.

I was only able to wear them a few times before they tore to shreds. I continued to wear the antique dresses and skirts and do all the things that little girls do who are growing up in a tiny country town.

I've recreated those 20s satin bloomers many many times. I've been playing around with cutting up and restyling sweaters for about 40 years and a few years ago I drew a picture of a sweater turned into some warm bloomers. My prototype was made of a knit flannel and wow! that was the beginning. A few weeks ago I cut out a few pair, gathered my laces and ribbons and got to sewing.........

The Bavarian Steampunk Cashmere bloomers were featured on the front page of etsy where I list everything, until I get the ol' funkoma website remodeled and listed with tons of stuff for sale.
Being on the front page of etsy is important for me because I'm not a Chosen Few for them. I don't live in NY, I am not young, my photos just barely fit their criteria of "white" I was honored and it has given me a huge burst of energy.........
well, that and the fact I have a show in early November...and I am a never-ending protoplasm of Ideas...
I got to the Front Page of etsy on pure merit...great idea, well-photographed...and a unique design reinterpreted from something traditional and fun, practical and functional....
and Handmade.
Not factory made. Unique ...there will be more cashmere bloomers with vintage lace, but none will look exactly like the others.
Unique...because no one on the internets is doing this with cashmere for the ladies.

These are the first 4 pair for you.

Filling up and Spilling over it's an Endless Waterfall.
Stay warm Ladies!


Annie said...

That is awesome Mom! Congratulations on the front page.I love those! I have cotton bloomers I wear rather a lot. Cashmere would be delicious.

propriatress said...

yeah, well, Christmas presents just got a lot easier....;-)

Maureen said...

As I started reading your post and you mentioned bloomers, I had a Kramer reaction "Whoa!". Bloomers! I hadn't thought about them since the late 60's when we wore them in gym class at Catholic grade school. Of course yours are so much prettier! De-light-ful!

Oh the excitement you must have felt when you found that trunk! I shudder just thinking about it! Like a kid in a candy shop.

Congrats on your etsy shop and being featured. That is fab. So nice that you found your niche. Cashmere - ooh la la.

Sorry for the long post but I did want to say one last thing. When I saw that "Bernat" booklet my jaw dropped. As I'm sure you know, Bernat was a mill way back when. After the mill closed (or perhaps reopened elsewhere) it was converted to retail space. I had a shop within a group shop (Bernat Mill Antiques). Unfortunately it burned down in the summer of 2006. (Or was it 2007? I'll have to Google it.) It was very sad to see such a beautiful old mill building destroyed. It was such a surprise to see "Bernat" in your post.

Sorry for being so yada yada. I hope you rock on etsy.

propriatress said...

hi Maureen!
I'm sure that trunk of old clothes really made me the gal I am today! I've always been aware of fabrics and textures and all that artsy/craftsy stuff...but one of the things I live for is a) Old stuff, and b) reconstructing/deconstructing anything.
Your Bernat story is a little creepy! But in a good way....I too hate to see old bldgs destroyed elements, or just a plain ol' fire. You know what they're not making anymore? Old Stuff!
I am quite angry at the City of Tacoma for allowing so many bldgs and bridges and other wonderful things to fall into decay so they can be destroyed for new crap that isn't nearly as artful or soulful...Generally.
I'm happy you enjoyed my bloomer story....I did another post about bloomers when I found a very vintage pair earlier this year. Just search bloomers in my search box up there on the top left.