Saturday, July 4, 2009

While I really really like you I have to do this....

I stayed home today and didn't go to any parties...the shop is closed and I'm alone with my dog.
I made 2 necklaces and worked on other things too.
I really like to go to parties and I like to go out to eat and drink and I love spending time with my family a lot !
But none of those things get work done....and making stuff is what I do.....
here's what I did today...(well some of it !) and then 2 pics from the camping trip to Ft.Flagler....
the park ranger who checked us in was K. Shurely.
you betcha!

The first necklace is of random pretty charms....mostly hearts...this is from my vast collection of stuff...and they are both on etsy now.

The second one is a big apple..thing...I combined it with a piece that looks kinda like an of my eye......
it was inspired by a woman I saw in Seattle a few weeks ago.......she had long shiny hair, a black tshirt tucked in her faded jeans. Simple leather sandals and a stunning statement piece of jewelry...a long necklace with a large metal pendant....similar to this, but not this....She looked cool, collected and perfectly put together.

The first pic is going across the Hood Canal bridge and then the view from campspot took us an hour to remember how to put up our tent (it's huge!)
but finally we did it then we walked on the was 2 days of Heaven, and I am more sure than ever of the next place I want to live...not in Tacoma.
...It feels great to be able to actually create something have skills...and recycle and save something from the great mountains of crap...
Of course these are skills that the US culture doesn't appreciate....yet!

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