Friday, July 31, 2009

Well, someone thinks I'm mean...

about beer and hot dogs. Not true. naaah. Drink your beer, and eat your hot dogs. I am allergic to beer, I am a vegetarian. So, a certain bar in Tacoma, well, I visited once, but I won't go back, although Mark was there just last week.....

If you read my red hot and cool cocktails post, I was talking about the weather. I was talking about my camping trip. I hate corporations!!!!! Geez, if you don't know that about me, then, clearly you know nothing about me!

And in Tacoma, any one can own a bar and make money selling booze. I am making no money...I'm ok with that because I'm ready for a change when my lease is up......Tacomans love to drink! 1/2 my friends are AA tho...
But back to making money in Tacoma selling booze. Yes, folks are making a lot of money. Hurrah for them. Really.

Do you remember the tshirt that said something like this:"Tacoma, 45000 alcoholics can't be wrong"

So calm down. My dead friend Steve Craig used to call everyone an Idiot! Didn't hurt my feelings or anyone else's that I every heard tell.

Get anywhere near me and I'll climb right up on the anti-corporate soapbox.
And you know what else I find so interesting...that if I am such a meanie, why do I have friends and folks stop in to visit me all day long...
If you know me, I rail against the big guys beating up on the little guys...I love everyone, and wish everyone the best of luck. Always.
I hope that those folks with money will get taste, and those with taste will get money.
I hope that those hard cold uncaring corporate jackasses at the top of the heap will someday get some human emotions.....and learn to be nice.

Sorry gotta go. Another friend dropped in ...just to chat!!

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