Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Get on with Your Holiday....and First Night..

The snow has really slowed me down...from sprouting a big leak in my sheepskin boots..which means I had to buy 4 new pair to replace them....well, new to me...that is!

The gang at the shop kept us open everyday during the wet white stuff.....We are here for your retail needs....and now we rest for a day!

We'll return after the hangover subsides and we wake from the steak, the turkey, the yams, the pie and the whipped cream, the mimosa's, and the wrapping is folded and put away for next year!
I have a few last minute auctions on ebay....and the store has coats and other cold weather needs.....sorry I didn't get a pic of the lovely dresses and the Righteous white Tux jacket that the Ghost of Elvis lusts for....
Of course I"ll be open on Boxing Day....the 26th.
And a Big Deal on First Night !