Saturday, June 7, 2008

Well, We're on the Move to Downtown Funkytown

Yes, and my hooptie automobiles are packed to the headliners and we are moving to the Rampart bldg.
Aimee got the red Rampart letters, so that's so sweet, I want to cry. She spent most of her growing up years down there.
I'm so happy. I'm happy to be back. I'm off my head with Joy. It's bittersweet. Well, that's life isn't it?
As I'm standing around and staring at the ceilings, at the big white walls, the roll up garage doors....and I stand on the sidewalk...
I still expect to see Steve walk down the red stairs or walk across the street from the Mecca with his cigarettes.
But .....only in my mind.
I hate it when people I love die.........duh.
I hate that I got Rampart because my friend died.
I am very aware that I have to always be a good girl and be worthy!
Rampart has changed many times in recent memory.
Eric, Glen and I were reminiscing about the old days.
David was there, then he was down there. We were there, then we were over there.
Eric was down here, then up there. Glen was everywhere.
So our anarchist underground antique society of wholly off center semi-capitalists are moving in.
We'll paint the outside, and plant flowers.

Glen and his fabulous antiques in the front. Me in the back sharing with a friend or 2. New vendors will move in as the month progresses.

If we have a guiding light, it is partly David and Steve and what they created......a big-city vintage shopping experience in humble downtown funkytown.
This is my town. Despite my childhood home, Yountville, tattooed on my arm!
25+ years ago I came with my family. One of the first places I drove to from South Tacoma, was downtown to pay my energy deposits.

I fell in love with the movie-set miniature downtown. Tacoma has everything. And small enough to fit in your hand.
All of May as I negotiated my rent, I just kept repeating:
Be The Change You Wish To See.....
which was my Greener graduation class motto in 2005.
I've always loved that Gandhi thought...
It was the only valuable thing I got from Evergreen. Oh, that and 25,000. in debt.
So shop with me Early and Often!!!
I'll be open to give you a funkoma experience & take your money on Friday the 13th. (also, it's the Mark & Tressie wedding anniversary)
Glen will be open every time the garage doors are open.
So Hi, to my old loves.....Hello to my new neighbors.