Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rampart. I won't Go. I can't make them fast enough.

I won't be going to Steve's auction by Alan and PH. Not many people liked Steve on Antique Row. And are 2 faced. Yuk. I prefer to keep my memories of Steve and Rampart as beautiful as they are, unsullied. The way it was. The fights I had with Steve over Kittens Playing With Pink Yarn......

Aimee, I can still cry when I think of him. One of the reasons I allowed myself to drink waaaay too much at Silverstone last that I was so sad. We had some Good Times, Good Times.
So, on to Good News!
Work on the Frontier at the bottom of the Hill is moving along......Big Red sliding barn door..... Gosh I hope the decor is nifty and not "studied" or "phony"......will it become a scene?
Barf. If it does. Let's hope it can walk the Line.
See, what separates The Monsoon Room from the rest of the hipster-yuppie drek new to Tacoma, is that Laura did it right.....Hmmmm. did she have a consultant??? I'll bet she did...wink wink...........
Anyway. Excellent. Artful. Not pretentious. Not boring. Not bought at The Hipster Decor Store.
Here's my decision. I will not go out drinking or dining at any place that laughs at me and then charges me 100. for dinner and a couple of drinks. I know prices are up.
But Word Up.
You are in Tacoma.
You are not San Francisco. You are not even Portland.
If you're gonna be pretentious, you gotta have talent.
You gotta be sincere. If your eye is on profit, and not art, count me out.
sure you can make money, it just can't be #1.
if so, you are Dick Cheney. or just a dick.
So, get busy. There's a lot of great stuff happening. There's a lot of posing going on and it makes me giggle.

So the real good news.
I make stuff. It sells. I can't make stuff fast enough.
Therefore I must be closed to make stuff.
When I reopen on Thursday April 17 thru the 19th
I'll have new stuff made by me, new Art made by me, and
Earth Day stuff !
Here's a small sample of what I've made......Just to tease you......

Oh did you know Larry yes

Larry made the sign for

the Tempest?
Isn't it GREAT ????