Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog-Pals, Real Pals & Home Show !

Been so busy with taking over the world ! I haven't taken any new pics ...oh well, later on that gator.
But! I did have a visit from a virtual blog-pal.....yes, in the flesh .....Kevin!!

we chatted about all things Tacoma.....yeah Us!
my pal Julie was here hanging around and she is old school Tacoma so we 3 were all excited about chatting about Tacoma and all the doings, the bars, the restaurants, the rants, the SoDo, my neighbors, Freighthouse Sq., LeMay You-See-Um...will it come or not? And all manner, like I said, of Tacoma !!!!
And Kenny popped in .....used to have Yung's Teriyaki next door....
and folks from Seattle here to see Girl Trouble.....
I told them my daughter Jan was a Go-Go dancer for GT along with Neko Case
back in the day (yes that Neko Case!)
And many more visited funkoma (I directed folks to eateries...The Chamber of Commerce should pay ME !! big time !!)

Here's what I have now for a garden.....good start...needs a big weedin' and some color ! hurrrrry up spring !

At the Home & Garden show.............
I really wanna see the flowers, the dahlias, the Tagro display (my gal pal Amber works for the County in the um, Tagro department ..she has a shitty joke)
Here's the 411, homies (I love using old outdated hip urban language since I must mock myself before you do)
Have I told you I had an organic farm, sold at GigHarbor Farmers Mkt, and had a landscaping business for a while? No. Consider yerself told, then.
Paris in Tacoma: A team of sand sculptors will create a 40-foot-high Parisian scene, including the Eiffel Tower, with 400 tons of sand.
Landscape dreams: Win a $25,000 Extreme Front Yard makeover. For entry info, visit or stop by the entry booth at the show.
Display gardens: A classic garden with stepping stones, water features and protected patio seating.
DIY: Tools for sale for the do-it-yourself set come from Makita, DeWalt and other manufacturers; tough-and-ready clothing from Carhartt, Helly Hansen and more.
Garden greats: Area experts like Ed Hume, Marianne Binetti, Ciscoe Morris and others share their knowledge. Tommy Hill talks about garden ponds and keeping koi fish happy.
More expert talk: Pierce County Solid Waste Division educators teach you to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste to compost.
Show times: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday and Feb. 2; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 3.
Tickets: $9 general, $7 seniors (62 and older) weekdays only; children age 12 and younger admitted free. Two-day passes are available for $14, or $10 for seniors.
Discount coupons: Get $2 off adult and senior weekday admission; available at Puget Sound area KeyBank locations or at
Call: 253-756-2121.