Thursday, January 10, 2008

100th Post, Wailers and Legal Intrigue

You may know or you may not know, I intended for about the last 50 years to go to Law School.
I have likely changed my mind. Altho in possession of a BA and being a paralegal, I found in 2 years of Cube Farm Job Hunting, that because I am very very old, no one would hire me.
Pish, you may say: "They didn't hire you because you are weird." And you may have a point.

But one of the last classes I took in legalworld was Employment Law.
I learned how companies give the appearance of fairness to avoid age-discrimination lawsuits while actually recoiling from hiring anyone over the age of 40 unless we be talkin' know, those who are a cruel capitalist who live only to pump up CEO salaries and stock market value for investors at the expense of our general welfare.....
here's a link to a blogstory thing....about an age-discrim suit against Starbucks.....(ever wonder why everyone working there is 23 1/2?)
OK, now on to Tacoma.
The Wailers , Wailers, without the The, Lawsuit. (dig?)
via Seattle Trademark Lawyer, who defended the Jamaican band of Bob Marley fame.
And I'm just telling you this to tell you this:

WELL, I am working on my art portfolio....really. This is part of it. I have 2 rather public projects I am working on..they require stuff, so I have to collect the stuff I need for them. But I will start on another that I can do almost immediately.
This shop is a front/workshop for nefarious activities -- you know -- poking fun and disparaging the uber-capitalism of it all.

and for my 100th post, I want to tell you my favorite color of the week is olive.
It makes an appearance often in my favorite color of the week paradigm.

Oh, that's a Gratuitous Picture of the new Amy Winehouse.

see you Friday and Saturday at the shop...Going to the Dome Wedding Show? Why not?