Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Law Fetish + Mars + Naked Cowboy

Tacoma business (well, you know...) Mars Candy Company is being sued by a Naked Cowboy.....(well, you know...) and my Law Fetish (well, you know...) combined for this silly Tacoma-centric story.......(well, you know...)

ewwww Alert......I don't find this guy attractive in the least......but here he is......

Mars Candy, makers and pushers of sugar (the Dentist's best friend!!) was begun in T Town in 1911...the makers of Mars Bar, Milky Way, M&M's, Twix, Skittles and Snickers,
is being sued by Time Square's Naked Cowboy , Robert Burck. He stands around in his underwear with a guitar covering the covered up nasty bits, wearing a white cowboy hat, cowboy boots and sings. Now he's singing Foul !!
Mars' ad agency created an M&M ad with a disgusting M&M mimicking Mr. Burck on a billboard in Times Square. Mmmm, dude will settle for a few millions, me thinks. That will buy a lot of tighty whities.....I hope.

Mmmm. Maybe downtown Tacoma's Pac Ave Prison Yard Square....needs something like this! It's Tacoma, It's art, It's a spectacle. Perhaps Hume or Blue is available....

Mars company is opposing more energy development in Montana, is not a friend of PETA, and had an ad that upset the gays. Oh, let's not forget Sugar.
Sugar is bad. I almost never eat any. Some say that makes me bitter, sour and unAmerican. So be it!
I feel great when I don't eat it. I feel cruddy when I do. No cupcakes for me. Mmmm, maybe just a bite!

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