Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh By The Way ! My new ART !

I placed a call to the Universe asking for artists to slap my wall Happy, and they did! Now, I have new neighbors ! Friesenburger will open soon in Kenny's Teriyaki up here in the District Of No-Warhol-Art* Dome (DONWAD), or the Dome District (DODI)
for you flatlanders... So the lovely lower parking lot wall will be painted over by the new neighbors...fair enough!

This is painted up high, the graffiti art is brought to you by:
TAM ! (not tacoma art museum) Tam is an artist and swell fella who asked if he could paint my bldg. Yes !!
I would like to encourage all my neighbors up here in DONWAD* to encourage Art On The Wall.....Come On ! All the Cool Kids are doing it !!
Some of my neighbors: Katy's Antiques ! Welcome! Tacoma Book Center. Crystal Voyage. Hurley Engineering & Heating Co. Alfred's Cafe and Bar. Best Western....and so many know who you are !
*when the City of TTown was soliciting art for the dome, Warhol submitted a design of a Large Daisy to be painted on the dome.....the city Did Not choose wisely, and I am still bitter !