Sunday, August 26, 2007

One of my favorite things to say Is:

I have a lot of favorites....I have a "sayings fetish"
for a long time I liked: I only know 2 things.
And there is a cuuuuuute girl in Portland who calls her blog: Daddy Likey and she says she says that a lot.
mmm, I like that !
I like colons right now....not the elimination type, silly..these::::::::
But my favorite thing to say right now is: I'm old now....
nobody really understands that I mock myself..... a lot....which is different
from you laughing at me......
which probably happens.
time for a picture:

Who reads this blog? I don't know. I have friends but not a single one has ever...
oh, except Rhianna, has ever commented....Gordon, a lovely stranger left a comment.
But I know you are reading it.....because in 12 years I'll have enough ad $
to actually get a check from Google.