Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Have So Much To Say !!!

(let's make a list)
1. Less vintage clothes
2. More childrens clothes and toys
3. More furniture & knick-knacks
4. More DIY...yours, mine & ours
5. Less days open....more time to make stuff....
6. More ART ! More bikes !
7. More sales (check the blog from time to time...)
8. Plants in season
9. More jewelry
10. A Happier Hostess !

And for First Night (I'll be there!) I'm making some custom Pirate coats & Hats.....And some real pretty sparkly party clothes !

Went Art Walking.....last thurs...saw so many people !!!
Bought a family membership at Tacoma Art Place
Saw the helm, visited the Underground, up to Open Heart Coffee.....
ran into One of Our Favourite an invite to see Fulcrum Gallery
Then a quick drinky-poo at The Monsoon........
and chatted with Derek and met more swell folks.
I so enjoy chatting with Derek.....he always makes me smile, laugh and think....
I'd show you some new pics but my floppy drive died, and I'll change it on Sunday
I can't figure out Marks cam, and I still need to learn the ropes with the Canon Ann gave me.....I just may give up my 12 year old Brick Of Sony Mavica....

Visted the Top of Tacoma bar, ate hot dogs.......speaking of dogs...
my new Tigger is doing much better...he may have given up nipping.....
Ate at Fergies a few times....Visited Red Hot.....the dogs were not that hot.
& since I don't drink beer or wine......well, I'm sure they are tasty. Get better Hot Dogs, please. Oh, I always enjoy sparring with Bender....If you haven't sparred with Bender, you must be new around here !
Remember Tacoma......I'm out and about and I'm watching you !
Added some new links for Tacoma-centric places to go and when time slows a bit
I'll add some great Dates for Exit 133 ..for all you folks who are new to Tacoma...
Mark & I are quite judgmental about where we eat out, and how we entertain ourselves.....we are Snobs! We like dives and old-school, but we do love El Groucho......
it's Old School.....that's why.......I'm sure they cringe when we stumble in.....too bad !!
And I heard a word that almost describes us........Freegan.......
ha ! If we buy something, it's probably used. There is so much stuff produced in the past......really people..........Buy Recycled !!
After Xmas, I'll show what I bought/made for gifts for the few folks I gifted........most people...just got my love and wishes for a good life.....I haven't the time to buy/make something for everyone at Xmas......because I like to give all year round !!

1 comment:

Jen said...

More kid stuff! Cool. I need to come by soon. Sooner than soon for the Pirate stuff.

Are you just open Fridays Saturdays and Third Thursdays? What about this week with the holidays, what's the schedule? Or does the word schedule make you nervous? It's ok that's what we're like around here, too.

Just let me know some time you are likely to be around this week and I'll try to make it there.