Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainbows, Apples and Cashmere, yup, must be autumn...

right around the corner..........I love this time of year...the hot is hottest...a run thru the sprinklers or a jump in the pool is the best! Soon enough, the weather will cool and then get cold, and the gray rainy days will come...and maybe some snow.

The apples are ripening, the tomatoes have produced and been sliced in thick slabs and plopped with mayonnaise or sprinkled with salt and savored.

I designed some fabric apples last fall, and gave them real branch and twig stems and wired leaves....I'll get going  with that again next week..and the fabric pumpkins too. Those are fun to make...and I'm working on a tomato pattern too. Lucky me, that heirloom tomatoes come in lots of colors and patterns, so an orange stripe tomato will look normal now that folks are getting pretty used to them at the farmer's market.

This week I listed some fall dresses in harvest tones, lots of boots (so many already sold!) and I dug out the tweeds. Basic jackets and pleated skirts aren't boring when paired with vintage millinery flowers and sparkly rhinestone vintage pins from Granny.
(hey, that's me!)

 I really had fun styling these pieces ....worn with leather sandals now, and fun Converse tennies, and later as the days get cooler, with patterned textured tights and leggings and boots.

Always, a pair of Bass Weejuns penny loafers.

Double Rainbow vintage plaid blouse.

Blue tweed vintage fitted jacket.

Camel heather not-so-basic vintage blazer.

Why be boring? Add fun jewelry and roll up your sleeves and get busy!

Lovely turquoise 60s wool jumper.

Art Gallery 50s modern art vintage dress.

Wheat lambswool vintage cardigan.

Charcoal gray wool blazer...a basic to start...Add wildflowers.

Oooh...Vintage Pringle Cashmere...50s, and so soft and amazing quality.

And that ain't all! More more more.....tweeds, boots and jackets! Hey autumn, I got you covered!

fabric baby boo pumpkin !


Becky said...

My favorite time of the year is Autumn!!!

What pattern did you use to make your apples?

Off to see if anything is left in your shop...........

propriatress said...

Hey Becky, I love love autumn the best!

I didn't use a commercial pattern for my apples...I made it myself. I'll start tutorials in about a week, and give instructions on how to make the pattern and how I sew it together.
You can check here in about a week, or check the Facebook page for updates. R u my Facebook friend yet? ;-)
I have a link on the right side of the blog page.