Monday, October 26, 2015

Beret Beret and slouchy

The beret hat is a fun circle of wool that sits so niftily on the top of your head and always looks smashing. Allow me to demonstrate...

pic 3 & 4 are from Chictopia, link here,   and pic 5, below, is from, link here.

Each of the above outfits are fantabulous all on their own. but the Beret adds that little bit of sophisticated polish. And your head stays reasonably warm too.

Here is a picture of Princess Diana. Look. She is wearing a beret. And the beret she is wearing is most likely a Kangol. They have been made in Merry olde England since the 20s. Kangol berets are all wool, made in Cleator, Cumberland, England. It is known as the  Anglobasque beret.
However since the late 2000's Kangol isn't made in merry olde England but in some other place. I blame the upper crust and their unabated desire for profits profits profits at the expense of quality and tradition.

That's where funkomavintage comes in. We always stock Good Olde Fashioned Quality stuff.
Like the selection of vintage wool and suede berets in the Etsy shop right now!

Princess Di photo is from

We have a red beret, a navy blue beret, a gray beret, a black beret OOO la la! The Kangol beret in camel. We have a dark brown beret, and one knitted in the Irish Fisherman pattern in creamy wool, and we have a darling vintage 60s one in deep blue suede leather. I know, right?!
Search the shop for beret. They will probably be there, but they do sell fast as soon as the weather turns cold in the USA. 

Not in need of a beret? I find that hard to fathom. However a cowboy hat or a pom pom beanie, or other charming slouchy hat may suit you too.  Click click click

Monday, October 12, 2015

Boots. Tall boots, short boots, low boots. Boot weather is here in the USA and other parts that are above the middle earth.
What's funkomavintage got in the boots department?

Grab your loops, grab your laces, shove your foot in and let's get going!

Black roper boots. Brown Granny boots. Prairie boots. A great all-purpose rugged boot for the ladies.

brown roper boots with fringe. these look great with dresses and with denim jeans. 

hey, Rust Orange suede lace up boots. vintage, from the late 80s. 

anybody want a peanut? Tall cowboy-ish vintage leather boots for any Princess Bride Cowgirl! 

Purple Suede!? yes, funkomavintage has got 'em!  this is a style and a color of vintage boots you just don't see everyday.
Pirate ladies with pure style, will love these. Prince Purple! 

and riding boots. fantastic vintage style. these are also a neat style choice that pairs with dresses for a really cool look that's a little bit safari, and a little bit city. 

we got 'em in black with brown tops, and in all brown. Freedom of Choice!

Brown chocolate and sunflower seeds, leather roper boots and the bomby.

Buckskin leather. Vintage boots with  the pull on the loops, slip your foot inside and get going. Another choice for wearing with skirts and dresses and with faded blue denim jeans.