Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Everything I love about vintage Levis denim

I shoulda had Lynn Downey's job. I've been a fangirl of Levis since I was a wee girl. I knew right off that Levis were better than other jeans when I was kid. I spent my childhood climbing oak trees to chase swallowtail butterflies, walking along Hopper Creek all the way thru the culvert under Hwy 29, and hanging out at Yountville School to swing on the big metal rings.

When my Levis got too short, I'd cut them off to knee length.
The beautiful blue color, the particular fading and copper! I love copper. Other silly girls love gold. Not me. Copper.
and the orange or yellow stitches. Opposites on the color wheel for excellent artistic contrast, but not too much, just enough. 

this pair of vintage 501 Levis Big E jeans, has a lot of fading, damage and holes...... just how I love them!

 Lots of wear and fading, lots of worn-in holes, and a lot of patching going on.
it's what we did. no need to give up on a perfectly good pair of Levis.

here they are ... in our Etsy shop..

oops, the buttonhole got a little patch too!

and of course, a bit of embroidery....

hems are taken out, and Look! the beautiful blue color........

a true blue love affair....

well Levis are a San Francisco company, and our blue jeans were invented in San Francisco, and Jefferson Airplane, yup. San Francisco.