Thursday, February 27, 2014

My dog, some vintage denim workwear, and a Pendleton sweater

This blog has a dog! Our middle-aged (bordering on ancient) Pomeranian / Chihuahua mix, always has the oddest expressions. Even when he was younger, and a menace to society and blind people, he looked at you in such and odd way. I always wonder what he can see. I guess being 9" off the ground makes the people, the trees, the tires and shoes seem HUGE!
He always looks kinda sideways, yet up at us. I don't's a mystery to me. 

The other thing about him, is he always looks a bit blurry, or a lot blurry. He will be perfectly still, and the minute he figures out I'm snapping a pic, he moves. Oh well, he ain't no Cary Grant.

Coming to our website the last days of February 2014..... is a collection of vintage denim. Chore coat, and several pairs of vintage jeans.

Strange things......double selvedge Lee Riders, other cool Lee Rider vintage know us! We love old denim with delightful wear patterns. Some of the new stuff is listed........some is on the way, sailor!

60s or early 70s vintage Lee Rider bootcut jeans. wow, look at that way cool denim and the wear. This pair is available on our website.

and, another neat Lee denim piece. This  60s vintage denim Lee barn coat, or coverall jacket. Union made in the USA, Sanforized, and completely awesome. It's also on our website.

Tigger has a weird relaxed grin, and his lip always curls over his sharp canine (ha ha) teeth. He looks demonic, but I assure you, he no longer is.

 And then, sometimes, he just looks drunk. But I assure you, he is not. Not today anyway.

Looks like someone said "Cheese!"
that always gets his attention.

 Now he wants that damn cheese.  Grrr, where's that cheese?

 Here's an amazing pair of vintage denim jeans!  Look at the wear patterns.
the lines...this fella rode a horse or at least straddled a big piece of machinery to get that natural authentic pattern.
True American vintage workwear.
We think this is a pair of 40s -  50s Copper King vintage jeans.  It has a Laurel wreath button, with donut hole fly buttons with groovy patina.  They have a high waist and roomy thighs.
Straight legs. Awesome.
At our website.

Lee often produced strange transistional jeans. These have the tags from the 70s, from the 60s and the zipper looks 50s or 60s.
Lee Rider jeans, vintage blue denim workwear with.....
Double Selvedge! yes, you heard me. 2 lines of selvedge....not just one, like you always see in a vintage pair of 50s - 60s Lee jeans. Sanforized, and Union Made in the USA.
Weird I tell ya!
At the funkomavintage website.

Oh look! Tigger braved the winter snow... and he's wearing a Pendleton Indian blanket coat I made him.... Everyone loves Pendleton!

This here is a fantastic pair of vintage white overalls from Can't Bust 'Em. Union Made 50s Vintage Overalls with a nail apron and the legs have been stagged off . Made of cream Cotton Denim, Made in USA. Listed at the etsy shop.

I think it looks really cool with this 70s vintage Pendleton Indian blanket sweater. Pendleton will keep you warm and toasty!  Just ask my dog!

at our etsy shop.