Friday, February 21, 2014

Sonja Heine and Ice Skating Vintage Panties

Who is Sonja Heine? well, she was an Olympic ice skater who won Olympic Gold for Norway in figure skating  in the games of 1928, 1932 and 1936.

Ice skating, according to wikipedia, stretches back to prehistoric times. Primitive ice skates appear in the archaeological record from about 3000 BC.
In modern times, for the ladies, ice skating costumes have always had skirts...and when Sonia Heine skated, they were knee length, and then became quite short in the 40s. But as we can see, once ladies were allowed to skate, their skirts were ankle length.
FrenchFrouFrou offers this lovely digital download of a Victorian lithograph of winter ice skating with a friend.

Here's a link to a slideshow on NPR, with great pics of women and mens costumes in the Olympics. Yes, now the ladies are required, yes .. required to wear a skirt.

From Sonja Henie and her bloomers and long underwear under her knee length skirt, to the modern little tiny little ruffle of a skirt, underwear views are gonna happen in a sport.

When I first saw this little hot pad at the antiques store, I was attracted to the ice skating panty shot, and because of the era of the fabric, I immediately thought it was a tribute novelty print of Sonja Heine.  But. when I flipped it over, I saw many more "upskirt" panty views!
Well, naughty naughty!

the little hot pad is panty shaped too.....

so many panties.... this is a recurring theme ... in girlie art.... because it's a nice view I suppose!

in the shop right now..... in the vintage panty department.... are these little charmers...... whether you wear them under a skirt, or under your jeans, it is always the first place to start in the morning......

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