Saturday, October 25, 2014

another winnie post

jewelry hang ups. blah blah. the succulent-growing and multitudes of flowers,  and the vegetable harvest of 2014 was fantabulous! Lots of tomatoes, peppers, bell and mild munching kind, tomatillos, string beans, eggplants, oh my.

Eggplants galore! these did better than I thought they would. This variety is dairyu ichiban, Japanese eggplant. They are still producing now in late October after being planted in my big big pots in May. I water everyday and feed a diluted hippie dippie fertilizer.

So yeah, UP with Japanese eggplant.

and when I wasn't being outside in the sunshine, I do live a perfect life, I was inside in the air conditioning making my home look better and work better for me.
 We are finding that we are happier living in the Winnebago than we thought we would be. We thought it would be cramped and crazy. But once you get rid of a lot of things.... and reduce down to what you like right now, it is really quite calming.
We don't want to go back to living in a house unless it is very small.

The steps made from pallets and the pots and pots of flowers and vegetables and Homegrown Tomatoes, and the patio with comfy furniture has made it like a little paradise.

Or like we are on vacation everyday.

I made a jewelry corner, and re did the closet. Hung up hooks and hung things on the hooks.
The Winnie has the tiniest closets.
Up there I do keep clothes, both summer and winter storage and under here, Shoes and Boots!

My favoritest trick was to hang my bracelets on the curtain rod, and to hang a lace doily on the wall, and hang my earrings on it. I also pin some brooches there on the curtain, but most of my jewelry is in a box on the shelf. This adventure has made me really really cull out my 43 boxes of clothes.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween costumes and the family

If it's a classy Halloween costume you are wanting, step right up, funkomavintage has all kinds. 
No boring ordinary costumes here. You won't look like all the other wacky people that dress like ho's and pimps, and really bad polyester Elvi.

here's a sample of the flotsam and jetsam we have procured for you.  Sit back, relax, and buckle up. This Vintage Halloween is gonna be a bumpy bumpy ride.

Even Couples Halloween costumes, and a set of Hawaiian tourist togs for the the fam damily!

Mom, Dad, or Mom/Mom, Dad/Dad, or whatever, and some small person, can dress alike in tacky or cute, 70s Hawaiian shirts, and a matching dress. I Know!


Matching Hawiian vintage shirts. Just add black socks and sandals, a fanny pack and a camera around your neck, hey, gray all ovah!

Vintage Purple satin cape is lined in shiny gold satin. This is a stunner and too cool just for a costume.

Real Deal 60s cheerleader outfit. Wool sweater with a big chenille R and a cheer megaphone, and a culotte pleated skirt in black with orange. I know!

Vintage 50s gypsy costume, handmade, with glorious details. Spangle scarf and 2 other scarves for tying around your head, or your waist, and a velvet vest with a red skirt with lots of ruffles. Spanish dancer, or fancy nightclub singer, oh yes. 

Here is something really wild. Long blue fringe dress.... I don't know exactly what you want to do with this one......  20s flapper? oh sure why not. I'd just chop off the sleeves. more fun that way, right.

Bright neon green chiffon with beading and crystals make this vintage 60s dress anything but tame!
Phyllis Diller? It's a great start to something wild and crazy, we know it.

80s! What fun, and nothing is more 80s than a mini metallic dress, strapless with a big bunch of shiny sparkly sequins and a big big big Fabric Rose!

and how about a Tiger Woods - esque Golfer get-up, in a vintage 70s polo shirt, that says Oh Shit. I shit you not.

Everyone likes bunny rabbits right? How about breeding them suckers. They multiply like rabbits! ha ah hahahahaha.....  Yes, it's a Rabbit Breeders coveralls with patches and oh, just go take a look.
Here's Clem and he has on the most amazing stupendous embroidered coveralls known to man and beast. Even the ladies can get in on this.

50s Vintage Dr. Strangelove Cold War Flight Suit Pilot Halloween Costume Astronaut US Air Force

Relive the glory days of nukleer bombs, lying liars lying about Weapans of Mas Deskruchun. yes, Mission Accomplished, George Ass Bush, the world is at war, and all the rich people have all the money.
Well done, jerk off,  AWOL from the armed forces.

50s Vintage Dr. Strangelove Cold War Flight Suit Pilot Halloween Costume Astronaut US Air Force