Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You are my world.....

when you click that Buy button, you are placing your trust in me....to send you something awesome!
I take this responsibility quite seriously. Neat clothes, groovy shoes and boots, well-made handmade goods, home decor with charm......all these things are important to me.......

Because I offer it....I believe it has the right stuff to make a great addition to your life....
and when you send me a picture of you wearing it.......I get a big thrill knowing I brought some happiness to your day as you spend it with your kids, that you look like a beautiful bride, that a part of your Halloween costume is just right !  A pair of boots, a warm jacket, a pretty dress.... I fully believe, if it's good, Let's use it again!

I've sold vintage suits to grooms, plenty of crinolines and corsets, handmade totes and bags too. Prom dresses to seniors in high school, pretty party dresses to gals to wear to their high school reunions. Thanks for shopping and trusting funkomavintage with your dreams.  You are my world.

Here's a vintage Hawaiian dress I sold to a bridesmaid, for a wedding that is cheery and easy for a bride's attendants to both look lovely and to buy an affordable dress that can be worn again and again....

This vintage 60s Pomare Hawaiian dress in bright orange and pink is on the lovely lady, 4th from the right...there's a gal half-hidden by the guy in the green shirt. All those dresses are just gorgeous!
look at the rainbow of Hawaiian dresses! this is such a charming wedding....

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A 70s  tshirt with those fuzzy iron-on letters....made a perfect First Father's Day Present.....look at that cute baby!


This pair of vintage super cool silver roller skates, made the day for this Roller Derby babe!


Oh boy....another wedding.  This happy couple is having a super pretty day, as she is in her 60s bell sleeve lace mini dress!


Just perfect! it's a classic pixie dress, ala Mia Farrow...

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more pretty lace, but this time a vintage pair white lace and leather boots....
Curvy cute and sheer, supple white boots lace up the front and are so romantic.

Stitches and perforations add a Victorian feel...
Perfect fairytale boots....
Princess or Queen...
Pirate or fairy elf..........yeah, that describes them!


So in love with these boots....and they went to a great new home!


I titled them.....
"Forest girl vintage leather lace up Steampunk boots"


 This lovely vintage shirt dress....sure looks like it found the perfect new home.  Kristin read "Charming and Sunny, this light as air blue plaid 60s shirtwaist day dress......is ready for some warm days....." and jumped in. She bought another dress in this same order.
She had an Etsy shop making adorable pet tags. I bought one for my cute doggie, but she's now retired from this venture.
Here she is with her son.
So cute!


Another cute vintage dress....made of charming coral, gray and white floral stripe with a touch of turquoise.... Cutest in every way...
Peter Pan collar is piped.....Big white buttons up the front,...


That looks like a super fun party......bunny ears, bubbles and stick on mustaches....


Here's one of my handmade classic pocket squares in a vintage indigo blue denim with selvedge as an accent. When you wanna put something in that pocket up on your jacket....think of this. And Glenn did! 

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