Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday. Art. Car. Snow. Seattle. Scotland.

funkomavintage attended an art show Saturday night featuring stunning photos by friend Nich McElroy,  held at Prism in Seattle or more correctly ...Ballard! 
What a beautiful evening....we only had to walk 7 blocks to the gallery/shop...or maybe, if Skip was giving directions.......13 blocks.

The Scotland comes in at the after show drink at Macleod's with a lovely map of Scotland painted on the ceiling, ala Sistine Chapel-wise.
On the wall are framed photos of famous Scots....Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, Ewan McGregor....Andrew Carnegie...Judy Garland....Katherine Hepburn....
The List is Long....
photo belongs to Nich McElroy 
Vintage 122 Volvo in the snow.