Monday, December 10, 2012

Work space aka Where the magic happens!

I set up an area to store and photo the goodies. It's a work space. I always have to store, pull and rearrange all the darn time because sales happen! and new vintage stock comes in...And...I'm redoing a corner to install a looooong table to cut canvas on...for the winter and spring projects.

I use a lot of crates, and boxes and all sorts of stuff I've found along the side of the road, the dump....and most of what I have .....for props, I've had for decades. I never stopped using my crates...from back in the 60s...
I am in love with patina and honest wear....and simple natural materials and colors.....

I decided a long time ago, to make my pictures unique with my accessories and sets.
I don't want a plain white or gray background.....Maybe that prevents my items from being blogged about...but it's my old wood and textural backgrounds.

Stacking displays I change around often.....

Storage and a very bright light... After a lace background for 2 years, I moved a handmade cabinet for a back has storage on the other side.....I love that someone reused a lot of old wood to make a simple useful thing.

I brought the old milk can up with me from California, and the boxes and the old military file cabinets are so and they set the mood.

I keep a stack of old books to create the depth, style and ooomph! I need from time to time.

I love the big classic old florals contrasting with old wood, and old things.

This is a test shot to check the lighting.... and my camera settings.

This is an older shot....with a few of my purple plastic bins.......You are not a professional vintage dealer without proper plastic bins.

A test shot....there's another light....
and I really love that burlap bag that I use as a rug....
It makes my pictures instantly recognizable.