Friday, November 16, 2012

Favorite Label Friday Nov. 16 2012

in label world.... 60s and 70s labels became very fun, very playful, and even the rest of society, the 60s and 70s relaxed the uptight Name Only style of labels that came before...and back then,  often the only hint of art or happiness in the life of the label's artist, might have been a fanciful script or interesting font.
The hippie/natural/playful/crafty times influenced labels and we see extravagant fonts, highly stylized, and lots of little symbols, pictures and a real sense of humor....Cute 70s dress...has a classic style, but the name of the dress company told you a thing about the times they be a'changing.... 

New Discoveries. yes, sir, the 60s and 70s brought us to new directions. Protest the war, protest racism, protest environmental destruction...aka, our ecology...Civil rights, animal rights, voting rights, new ways of living, new kinds of it was cool !!

and look Butterflies Are Free!! Here's a 60s dress, Flutterbye, the label has a cute little yellow butterfly.
The pattern of the dress was Marimekko-inspired.

and here's another Flutterbye dress that mimics Lilly Pulitzer prints.

Very fun font and a very fun name for this Laguna Beach California dress maker. All Two Potato dresses are fun, and funky, and very casual.

A cute print of scattered feathers....but the label.... 

Mmmmmm ! It's GAILORD. yep. it is. Look at the tiny spy in a trench coat, a fedora, and big sunglasses. James Bond....The Pink Panther....the Cold War brought spy culture and spy intrigue to artists in the labels they designed.

And Fashion Conspiracy! Was this also inspired by James Bond movies which were immensly popular in the 60s and 70s .   Mmmmm look at that daisy...that was very popular as a motif in the time period, too.

It's on a 70s knit sweater, inspired by Italian knitmaker, Missoni.
this one has sparkly lurex threads.

Oh yes! late 70s/early 80s and the Rainbows!! The Hearts !! and if this sweater isn't cool enough......

Yes !!! Party !! CELEBRATION  YEAH!!!

The safari look was a popular look in the 60s and's a version of the classic Geiger or Abercrombie & Fitch (old school) safari jacket in shiny black nylon windbreaker material. you know the label has to be fantastic right? It is!
Curly Top For Young America.
not for old ladies.
Cute font and such a statement!

Swingles? yes. I think you can see the rainbow threads....and the Swingles name was a mash-up of Singles Swingers Separates .  Swingles by Character.  This tweed jacket is packed full of neat details... It really has character!

My favorite label of the week.....Tomboy.
The 70s labels as the clothes, often had a 30s feel because of influences from the 1976 Oscar-winning movie Bonnie and Clyde. Theodora Van Runkle designed the clothes.  In the movie of  Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, there was a huge  fashion influence.....and none other than Ralph Lauren was on the design staff.

And....the move, The Sting, with swoooooooon, Paul Newman and Robert Redford, took place in the 30s...another influence...The costumer designer? none other than the stunning Edith Head. 

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So, not a surprise that some labels have a Art Deco 30s movie marquee look with the oval frame and the font...and the fun name........Tomboy !!

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