Thursday, September 20, 2012

For the Ladies...and then the guys, or whatev'

Back in 1981 Levis introduced this style 501 Levis for Women....cut a bit smaller at the waist, a bit higher in the front rise, and a bit wider at the hips....
it's the famous Travis commercial...

forget all the political bullshit...America is a great country, not because of any reason other than....we invented Levis.
that's it. 
I like the classic cut Levis...the lower waist, the extra fabric in the "mans junk" area gave me and millions of women with hips...just a bit more room for the hips...Not a darn thing wrong with the Levis for Women....this is America, Levis are American, and we demand choices.
Since America is a blue jean baby....let's get right to the 4 vintage pair of Levis new to the shop.

 This week I have a pair of Womens 501s 33/32 and  501s 34/30, 501s 35/32, 501s 31/36.

 and you might need a vintage plaid flannel shirt about a beret....funkomavintage can cover your naked body from head to ankles....(we got vintage boots and shoes too...take a look!)

4 vintage flannel plaid shirts ..... and 3 very colorful berets....