Monday, August 6, 2012

England Swings

The Olympics are Here ! The Olympics are here....

I generally ignore them. I don't really do sports except Giants baseball when I was young, and swimming. always swimming. Archery.
Horseback riding. Canoeing.
Bicycle riding at a comfortable pace. Walking. Climbing trees.
Power shopping in thrift stores. Grocery shopping in record time.
Gardening. Ignoring housework. Reading.
Matching my underwear to my outfit for the day.
Some of these activities are Olympic events.
Still, I'm not interested.

I haven't ignored them. I check the news and I watch videos.

I agree that NBC is a mean-spirited asshole corporation, but what else is new.....

The balance beam ladies are amazing. Sexy men in Speedos. The ladies in bikinis playing Beach volleyball. Yeah, Something for everyone in the family !

This is a pair of Olympics, orange and yellow  vintage aviators sunglasses by B & L  RayBan, the Vagabond model. Awesome, eh?

The best thing about the Olympics are the Swag Bags.  We made about 350. bucks on 2 vintage Nike Munchen tote bags back in the old Ebay days.

It has a story...those Munchen 1972 Olympic bags.  That was the Olympics (this is the 40th anniversary) when the Black September Palestinian militant group killed 11 Israeli athletes in a terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
Back in the 90s we were goofing off on a Sunday afternoon going to estate sales. When we walked in, the gals at the front desk were a bit burned out and smoking. They tried to interest us in Hummels....oh please! so we just walked was empty!
No people were there but us. We loaded up on light bulbs, note pads and envelopes...the usual crap no one thinks about, but everyone uses.
We were about to go back downstairs when we spotted them on a bed......2 plastic tote bags with the Nike symbol, the Nike name, and the Olympics rings and Munchen printed on a typical plastic airline tote bag.
Only later, did we figure out what they might be worth. And the ebay auction was very nice...back in the old days, we'd sit and refresh the screen every few minutes...then every few the last hour.....WEEEEeeeeee!

so continuing on the sports theme, the first of the new listings I've done for about a month....Vintage Nike shoes, Vintage Converse, and a tennis themed hanky....

Vintage Swimsuits............

and the wackiest Pidgin Hawaiian dress from the 60s...I love novelty fabrics and the novelty dresses in goofy prints...and this one is wild !!  'As Why Hard!'  'Crack Seed'  ' Time for Au Au'

Roger Miller sings England Swings...