Monday, June 4, 2012

Winnebago Kitchen...and now the dishes

and now ....the dishes .....
The Food Delivery System Accessories.

These are the wonderful dishes! ooooo pretty gray, deep coral, dark green and chartreuse....
Years ago, I had 44 million pieces of Melmac...all colors, all shapes, all eras, all brands, and I used to set them up in the Cutest displays....I was sure Melmac, in the 80s and 90s, was destined to become the Next Fiesta Ware. I was ... a bit ahead of the times.
Now, Melmac is really making a retro comeback, like all vintage is suddenly very mainstream. This makes me very happy. I look like far less of a weirdo. I still am a weirdo...just less of a lonely one!  ;-)

This is one of my favorite Melmac patterns, colorways.... Nice weight, roomy finger holes in the coffee cups. Great colors !!
"Watertown Lifetime Ware
Made in U.S.A.
Heavy-duty Melamine Tableware
Molded to Meet CS 173-50 of Industry"
Here is a great website that will inform you of everything you need to know about Melmac! 

here's the set we ordered from an etsy seller........and I won't tell you WHO it was because I am not happy with my purchase. The small pieces are OK, but the dinner plates (the most important pieces) were scratched and ruined beyond use, because of years of cutting MEAT!
Those won't be used because bacteria can hide in the deep scratches. Beware of sellers who don't know ass from elbow.  Now, I have to find some nice plates.


Melamine resin dishes, most often called Melmac, are always in bright cheery colors!
They are almost unbreakable and are very lightweight.
But......they aren't for the Microwave or the Oven or the Stove top......don't even. 
They are  thermoset so melamine resin cannot be melted but that makes them hard to recycle. Well to melt them down or shred and recycle like we do with other plastic.
So, I'll do something cute and practical with the scratched dishes I have.

Here's a few pics of the new curtains.......
with the burlap sheers......

I also changed the light switch glam!

here's a little cowgirl touch........a 50s leather fringe rumpus room!

oo oo oo, looking out my back door........and a nice pic of the big rick-rack I glued to the shade....matches the window over the sink.......

Kitchen ...

The coffee can makes me happy for these reasons:

I love this coffee! Cafe Du Monde, the original coffee served in French New Orleans....... It has chicory, which mellows the taste. a container for my tools, it was Free!
I used a big magnet on the inside to make it stick to my stove...and not slide around while driving.
That is something you always have to think about with anything that goes in an RV or trailer, or a boat.

hippie dippie cleaning products to protect the vintage plumbing and make sure the right kind of bacteria can the gray water and black water tanks.......