Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It could be easy being Green....

There's lots of things around your pad aka Crib, right now you can use to clean stuff...and it is Spring. Right? Right?
It's easy to be green. And fun. And lovely.

Cashmere sweater, micropleat olive green skirt, loden green wool skirt.....

a  green-eyed cat in a green chair

vintage military field pants and a letterman jacket

Green things...handmade. that yountville girl

The Green undies.

There are commercially made cleaning products like Mrs Meyers, Seventh Generation, Bright Green,  and Method
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A handy List.

Did you know plain ol' baking soda has cleaning and deodorizing properties? It does. Here's a list of 27 ways to use it.

Good ol' soap.
Soap comes many forms....liquid, and in bar form. It's biodegradable! Back in the Olde Days, we used to wash cloth baby diapers and baby clothes in Ivory Flakes. It was soap. yes, us olde moms used to do laundry with a special soap just for baby. Sadly, Ivory Flakes no longer exists.
Don't use any formulas with petroleum distillates. This is a big issue, and more so, if your Home is a motorhome since the petroleum ingredients will ruin a lot of the plumbing and seals.
(Petroleum distillates include mineral spirits, kerosene, white spirits, naphtha, and Stoddard solvent. All household products that contain 10 percent or more of petroleum distillates, or benzene, toluene, xylene, or turpentine, are required to have hazard warnings by regulations under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.)
Dr. Bronners. always a good choice.
buy cake soap like Ivory. Don't buy soaps (detergents) and other products with triclosan. Triclosan is that ANTIBACTERIAL crap that is in every damn product now!! It is real bad stuff. More info about triclosan and other nasties

Lemon juice one of the best little remedies for dirt and yuk, It has natural acids, so it does battle against most household bacteria. mmmm Lemon juice !

Borax ...as in 20 Mule Team Borax. Works great as an insecticide, a deodorizer, mold and mildew killer, general cleaner. It is strong and needs to be handled with care, and kept from pets and kids. Just click this and spend a lazy 1/2 hour reading.

Washing soda like Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda at most grocery stores. It's great for grease-cutting, removing greasy spots, wax and lipstick, and zaps stinky odors like baking soda does. It's harmful to fiberglass, aluminum and waxed floors, because it strips wax and is really strong stuff. Read all about it here.
What is it?

White Vinegar will de-grease, zap mildew, odors, and attack some stains and that pesky yellow waxy build-up. Leave out the detergent in these recipes.

Alcohol-The drinking kind. Got some wine or vodka just laying around? going bad? We use it to clean the countertops. It disinfects.