Monday, March 5, 2012

To be or Not to be a Mom.

Choice. I like choices. I may or may not like the choice I make...only time will tell, right? life is about freedom. The Freedom to Choose. Margaret Sanger: "No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother."
In 1916, Sanger was arrested for handing out information on contraception. She hated abortions, and she had terrible ideas about racism and eugenics, but she is the woman to thank for the modern birth control movement. 

Birth control pills and other mechanisms are health concerns for women. And men too.....but only women get pregnant. Therefore it has no place in politics. This issue is a health care issue. Condoms should be free! Everyone should have access to birth control.
Abortion is a woman's choice because only she will be pregnant and raise the child....with help from others.
It. is. that. simple.
it is hypocritical for some people to scream about "My Rights!!" "Too Much Government Control", and then turn around and support the government to outlaw birth control and abortion. 
When I had to make a decision....To have the Baby or not have the Baby.... I was given The Choice. My choice was to keep the baby. And to keep the 2nd baby. And to keep the 3rd baby.
It Was My Choice To Keep The Baby.
Women have sex. Women get raped. 
I could have had an abortion in a San Francisco hospital, because in 1969, abortion was illegal. But minors could was a health care issue!
Round and round we go.

Today, it's Women's Rights, we are fighting this issue again, and I think we Americans will always be fighting stupid men and women who believe they can and should tell women when or whether to have a baby. News Flash!! Men and women have sex. Lots of it. That's a fact. While kids should be discouraged from having sex too young, they are gonna. And adults, people will have sex. And some women may get pregnant. It is a hypocritical stance to want to outlaw birth control and abortion. ...and then rail against unwed mothers!

Rebecca West......