Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brave little happy home

Every time I look at my Brave, "the winnie", I just smile. Every where we go, people want to talk about her, and she makes people smile. "waal, I haven't seen one of these things for a long time!" "How's she run?"
Fine thanks!

When we were looking for one to buy it had to be in really good condition, both physically and mechanically. And this one came with tons of rcts. for lots of work done.
The most important item was a leaky roof. I did not want that! This one has a new-ish rubber roof, which is the creme de la creme. Lots of recent work on the engine and brakes and chassis....2 year old tires (1500. bucks).
I really wanted a 70s Winnebago, and I really wanted a Brave. It's a classic RV was very popular in its time and it is still loved.....I tried not to influence Mark...I wanted him to make up his own mind....and he (being the mechanic) had veto power over any RV we looked at that was rotten in the engine box.
How wonderful that we both decided that a Winne 70s Brave is the one we wanted, and then we found one in excellent condition.

(that's a big plastic box of RECEIPTS!)

 There are a few changes in the interior that I'll be making. I did get the exact floor plan I and bath, permanent and easy seating area-dining area....and ...the 20" high bed in the back. The last thing I want is to crawl up into bed and roll out in the middle of the night....and my dog! He can just jump on the bed in the back anytime he wants. Also, I didn't want the bed in the front because I'd have to make it up to a couch every damn day. Life is too short to move furniture every morning.

But there are 2 problems with the decor. I do think it's damn funny that back in the 70s it was assumed that people can easily move down a corridor that's only 26" wide at the most. The narrowest part is between the dinette and the bath...18" !!! Not that I'm gonna bloat up anytime soon, but this is a bit too narrow, and besides, I don't like built-in dinettes.
I'm gonna take out the first seat and the room divider.  The table moves and folds away if I don't want a table there (no prob), and the one seat (below) will stay. I'm gonna try to re-use the gold vinyl trim.....and then there is the gold vinyl issue. Gold is fine. I can live with it. I'll just pretend it's Sunflower !

What I cannot live with is the REAGAN-era Blue carpet that was added ...when the seats were recovered in 80s era tapestry.
for 2 reasons.....
#1. I hate REAGAN. that mf'er.
#2. I hate Reagan era blue/oak/brass/Republicans.
*the ReaganBlue carpet in the back is gone.

I've collected a selection of green stripes, vintage Indian blankets, vintage bark cloth in shades of brown and green earthy tones, and a few yards of retro Marimekko-style fabrics. I'm such a cheapskate, that I don't want to actually use my real Marimekko I have a few Swedish/70s retro patterns that are modern and all are thrifted.
The Blue #2 problem listed above ...the blue carpet will come out and be replaced with brown, and the vinyl floor will be changed over to bamboo.

So the first dinette seat will go bye-bye, and a cabinet will take it's place. Instead of a 3 foot wide obstruction/divider, will be a 24" wide cabinet. That will help with the claustrophobic skinny space.

 (the tall vintage cabinet in this corner will fit inside the winnie just fine)

You know what will stay?
The faux wood !!
The last time I felt hopeful about life, about politics, about the Earth...was in the 70s. So, the 70s faux wood, being cozy and fake in a real way....well, it's staying. At least for a while.
I didn't want to change anything inside. It's in such good shape...... & I'm a traditionalist. I like to keep things original, until that becomes stupid. Since so much has been changed (blue carpet and new fabric on all the cushions, I don't feel like a vintage-murderess.)

the stripe and X retro fabric for the dinette window?....the big calico on the top right, to line the wide green and white stripes, on the bottom left (which is shown inside out), for the bedroom "privacy" curtain. (just a chance to hang some neat fabric).

brown bark cloth in the middle....I don't know.......maybe the back window. That big big IKEA fabric on the bottom right...maybe that should be the dinette window and a little tiny valance over the kitchen window.........
decisions decisions....
There are so many knobs and settings and buttons! So much to learn. Push this in and don't touch that one. Now that we have safe propane bottles, we'll light the stove and oven and check it out, and light the refrigerator, and then plug in the refrigerator to 120, just like in the house.

I used to just laugh at those big fat RV's going down the road.....Geez Grampy, why don't you just drive your house! Ha ha on me. This is my house, since I doubt I'll ever buy a home again unless I win the lottery.

(inspirational picture of a vintage bike from SecondThoughts blog)