Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Own Wheel Estate

Drunk octopus wants to fight you...

don't brave.

I'm a homeowner again....or a home-moaner.
A 1973 (ah yes I remember it wellllll) Winnebago Brave motor home.

More details than you will ever want to know to come later as we begin the saga of The Rest of My Golden Years..... I'm proud to own a Winnie, from the last great era of American Awesome...the name of the interior (pre-blue carpet, it was gold!) the decor scheme was called "Inca".....
Bearable tapestry upholstery, blue carpeting (gag), Acres of Faux Bois, Almond counters, Chrome and stainless steel appliances, Vera golden fern very own plastic crapper....
A CB radio!!!

This was on the AM radio, or on the Cassette tape player in the dash!

I can hardly be happier!
Well if there was a bucket of money in a storage bay and cold bottle of Vodka in the refrig...but hey. I definately wanted  the built-in bedroom in the back, with the entry door just behind the passenger seat. There's a bed above the front seats, but I don't wanna climb up a ladder in to my bed (maybe I'll change my mind about that) ...those dinette bench seats are going! I hate them, and along with the dinette table...

Just feast your eyes...and as the days of our lives drip drip drip away....You can follow along as we repair everything, make curtains, say a lot of swear words (speaking of swear words. ... watch the Winnebago man vid at the bottom).......

that's the blue carpeted doghouse (cowl over the motor that sits between the front seats)

here's an ad for a '72 Winnie

Hey Winnebago man...we understand.

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