Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handmade is the Ultimate Luxury

the latest from the hand of me.

Fox pine green cashmere mitts, trimmed with black buttons...
and basic pine green cashmere mitts, with black lace.

Barkcloth, lace, and a bit of cashmere in a little hat. Cute button.

Cashmere and cotton hat.



glittery blue angora scarves....

a restyled vintage bracelet of silvery winter leaves....is improved with keys...

Save The Dates

The world is a lovely place....you may have noticed this. I've assembled a few garden pictures in a 2012 calendar...and you can buy one!
no pressure.
The cover is a picture of the guerrilla garden I made in downtown Tacoma in the fall of 2008 when I had my shop. I used bricks found in a parking lot, and I jumped the cyclone fence, cleaned up the garbage, stacked the bricks, hauled in soil, planted jonquils, daffodils, tulips, crocus....pansies, primroses and lots of flower seeds.
I watered it when needed with a bucket of water I carried across the street from the shop. In early 2009, the city of Tacoma ripped up my street and the rest is history. The garden was a miracle of small proportions....Beauty in the midst of abandonment....something sweet in the middle of a ruin. When I left the bldg. in May 2010, the garden was destroyed by vandals and stupidity.

 I didn't tear down to build up...I made something from nothing. There was nothing wrong with my old street, but rich people demanded a new street, so the city destroyed many small businesses, so one big corporate business would sign some papers.
Doesn't matter. I have the pictures. I did something besides commit commerce.

I included pictures of empty trees and a lone crow.

I included pictures of the first Spring harvest of radishes.

If you like it, you can order one from Zazzle, using the link up on the right side.
I'll also be listing them in my funkomavintage shop on etsy.
Free, with each calendar, is a small hole. You can hang it on a nail, or tie on a loop of string, and hang it like that if you prefer. It will work either way....

I have close-up pictures of pear blossoms, Iceland poppies, and my bowling lady from an old trophy, that I had installed on the hood of my 1979 Mercedes that we ran on biodiesel.

I included one picture of a huge sunflower and the deep summer sky, from  the row of sunflowers I grew along my front fence. And a picture I took of a wild strip of woodland hyacinth in a very ritzy neighborhood in the North End, posing with Mark's vintage bike.

I will probably make another calendar of just my sunflowers, and postcards and greeting cards of other pictures I have.....I have a lot of pictures. ;-)

There's homegrown tomatoes, and a tomato blossom.....  A lovely day in June...so rare.
14 pictures....each one, suitable for framing....and keeping track of the days of your life.
It goes by fast.