Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sneakity peekity....

First we saw the Marilyn Monroe shape of this little figure-hugger...then, we drooled over the lace and faggoting on the deep neckline...we saw mid 50s...Long, lean, and man-bait!
Then the John Doyle Bishop tag..an old fancy-schmancy Seattle dress shop...$$$Olde Money$$$.

But what was it made of? mmmm....Forstmann wool. Of course. A lovely lightweight wool jersey...and fully lined in sheer chiffon. And did I mention....a nice size, too?

But it wasn't until I got home went looking for flaws ..did I see the Karen Stark for Harvey Berin tag.

It does have a small repair at the slim kimono sleeve...but I swear, it hides very well.....and the rest of the dress.....The quality, The fit, The style ...makes up for the boo-boo. Coming this weekend to my website....the one I've been meaning to make for....oh 10 years.

Here's a lovely little blurb about Harvey Berin by the lovely  Lizzie, over at the Vintage Fashion Guild.

"They were best known for their feminine dresses and ensembles."

Forstmann wool, top quality!

"The woolens and worsteds coming from this mill were legendary and the company prospered.: