Saturday, April 16, 2011

big plans, stupid ankle

 Hardly anyone is more inspirational in my life than people who make something nice out of something that other people have thrown away. If it wasn't for things that people get rid of, I'd have to get a job pumping gas....Thanks! people. I pick the best stuff and keep it real...and, bingo.... I'm a Vintage Pusher. Vintage clothes, Vintage ladies, and Vintage flowers and vegetables for the,
all set to put in the garden this sunny weekend,  &  I'm a laying around with a sprained ankle. Me, an ice bag, and computer for entertainment..
When I think, I'll never own my own home again (thanks to corrupt lawyers and evil republicans)...I go searching for  inspiration.


1. I am not impressed by people with money. It's Too easy to make life work if you can just pull out a wad of cash.
2. I'm real sick  of tall skinny people, especially women.
3. I love gardening, and this year, I shall have a lovely yard, based mostly on annuals.

Here's the story of Tressa Prisbrey. She had a hard life, a real hard life, and after the age of 60, she finally got to own her own home. A trailer on a little plot of land,she made a junk paradise, and I hope I get the chance in a few years to own my own trailer, and make the world pretty....

 “Anyone can do anything with a million
dollars—look at Disney. But it takes more
than money to make something out of
nothing, and look at the fun I have doing it.”
— Tressa Prisbrey


Models. Everything looks perfect on tall young girls. Big Deal.
Here's a few pics of women who are not tall, pretty, or young. They are, however, gorgeous.

 from etsy seller ajohns16




Annuals are easy. You plant them, they grow, they're pretty. Annuals, they usually are tough too. I bought 32 packages of seeds....over the next 2 weeks, and all of May, I'm planting....sunflowers,poppies,calendula,pink and purple radishes,purple, cream and red carrots, gourds, tall corn, indian corn, climbing beans, sweet peas, pink and white turnips, sweet peas, eating peas,lots of alyssum, pink cosmos, variegated nasturtium,bachelor buttons,onions,morning glory,striped zinnias, green zinnas, and white marigolds, moonflower, then tomatoes, potatoes, peppers,okra, tomatillos....and I'm probably forgetting quite a few.....

These gardens are mostly annuals....

2 gardens from.....

a sunflower garden from ......... 

It's vintage and it's retro....

vintage is that which is least 20 years older than today...preferably more than that...
retro is a design that looks like, and takes many design elements from another era....such as the proliferation of 50s style diners that popped up in the late 70s and all thru the 80s. All that pink, all that black, all that chrome, all those cateye glasses and motorcycle jackets....Copies of the original, and copies of the copies of the original.

This style of dress, very popular in the 1940s, was re-created in the 80s...the wide shoulders, wide collar, the tucks, the fitted waist with a dropped seam at the hip...and the peplum skirt which mostly falls from the waist as a ruffle....Often the dropped seam, is an influence from the 1920s, but in the 40s, the dresses became quite form-fitting...which is quite different from dresses in the 20s that were like wide tubes to hide the female form and make it appear fun, young and boy-like.

Dramatic tucked 1940s Rayon crepe black vintage dress in my etsy shop now....

 Yes, a dramatic tucked 1940s rayon crepe black vintage dress with deep tucked pleats on the bodice, deep tucked pleats on the skirt, this is a classic 1940s crepe dress....the fabric we love!

Simple yet so effective, ....I love the back!

It has Gathers it makes a bit of a fishtail...for lovely looks coming....and going

This original 40s rayon crepe dress has been used as an influence in zillions of 80s dress....Here's a few from around etsy and the blogosphere...

here's a vintage 80s does 40s black peplum dress L, storylandvintage

"This vintage number from the 80's calls upon earlier times with its peplum and cinched waist and classy style."

Black Drop Waist Rosette Dress from BeckyDrolen

 "This is a lovely vintage 80s does the 20s flapper style drop waist dress with beautiful large rosette fabric details at the waist."
yes...the dropped waist detail is a feature of  1920s dresses.'s borrowed and influenced from designs from times past...

Casadei Gilded Black Fishtail Dress from  apocalypsevintage

"Cap sleeves, pencil skirt, and a devastatingly scandalous plunging V back. Fabulous ruffle fishtail in back!"

That fishtail is  a charmer! 


 1920s dresses.....
dropped waist hip seams ....

Art Deco Glamour Risqué Erotic French Print from seller  thetinbox