Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Volvo, Vintage Men, Vintage Levi's

It's classic, it's rustic, it's mid-century, it's fancy junk.
And right's Modern Vintage.
funkomavintage  is in shades of red farmhouse patina, golden suede, honey yellow, plaid cotton flannel, desert sunset, indigo blue, summer seashore...and always...old faded Levi's.

A vintage Red plaid 30s 40s Hunting Coat
looks great sitting on the back seat of a '65 Volvo, or on you.

60s mustard gold trucker Suede jacket 
  looks ready to go to a red and blue cotton flannel plaid this....

Sears Work Clothing flannel red plaid vintage shirt

hey's the classic trucker jacket! it's a 70s Levi's denim jacket.

Or maybe, you'd prefer a little native flavor, a little Southwestern style with your vintage gold Volvo.

a Vintage deerskin leather frontier style shirt...

Gant Indian blanket cotton button down vintage shirt
will do it just fine.

So, maybe a vintage Volvo 144 sedan isn't for you. Maybe you prefer the curvy lines of a vintage Volvo 1963 PV544, in fading summer sky blue.

Well, if that's are definitely a blue denim Levi's Redline jeans guy.
flip the cuffs up...
70s Redline indigo Levi 501 jeans

but don't forget about a pair of 70s 517 indigo blue Boot cut Levi's jeans.....these are the most awesome Levi's worn with cowboy boots....

Cowboy? Western? oh yes. Southwest sunset cotton stripes vintage shirt