Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grilled Kale....

so, I had lunch/dinner at M + M's home....they always put on a good spread and the beer flows like watah!
I love meeting their friends....we always have lots in common. Which is not the most profound statement. Of course...friends of friends have lots in common....Fun ensued!
So, Wolfie's mom made Grilled Kale. Yes. Why had I never thought of that before?? I love love dark green leafy veggies. I want you to eat...turnip greens, endive, poke salad, dandelion greens, kale, broccoli leaves....They are soooo good for you and they taste so good.

So, Wolfie's mom is also Mrs. Bluebeard's Coffee...(which is almost an oxymoron/thing).....anyhoo...she grilled Kale. It was so damn good. It really brought out the deep sugary taste and relieved any tendency to bitterness that can sometimes rile up deep dark greens.

She just put the kale on M's grill and that was pretty much it. She made a dressing of tahini, sesame seeds, mayonnaise, lemon juice...and a bit of oil I think, if  I remember correctly....
Here's a recipe...for the non-believers like ME!

So I got to hang out with nice Tacoma people, and their sweet kids and babies. And drink beer until my head started to hurt ...and I needed to go since I'd left my doggie at home for hours and I didn't want his bladder to burst or to leave me a Present in my sewing room....blech.

Bluebeard Coffee...Tacoma....

and..guess what else....We have this service here now........Doorstep Veterinary Medicine, Kathryn Cutting, DVM.
Yes, that's right, Kate will come to your home and fix yr pet/children/things with 4 legs.
Is Tacoma awesome...Or What !?

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