Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I ride my bike....

Long ago my bike's name was Elvis. She, (I know, but my bike was a girl) was repainted a frosty green, had a big metal wire basket, fat tires and wide fenders....and Elvis handpainted in man-handwriting on the front fender.

This 1930s model was my bike for awhile, but it sold. ugh. I have the pictures tho! So like a heartsick soldier pining for his girl back home, I carry this picture around, and made it my funkomavintage logo.

I also figured out how to print it myself...For this project, a tiny print of my bike, a miniature  Schwinn with a big metal basket, fat tires, wide fenders, cruiser handlebars, and a kickstand on the back tire became my  first project with the old girl....

The first pins I made....are appliqued on some vintage cabin design outdoorsy cotton...and as a cameo on some sweeter girly calico and chintz.

Pinned to a Betsey Johnson Spring floral jacket.....

But always toggling back and forth from fancy to rustic, I combined coffee bag burlap, vintage ultrasuede, wool tweed, and a coffee-dyed picture made into 1.5" x 3"  pins for the lapel, the fedora or summer straw hat,or, in the case of Mark's sartorial choices....pinned to the lapel of his WWll pea coat.
We went to a real fun party in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and 4 people ordered a Coffee burlap and Bike pin...I just finished a small batch, and they're ready to ride on your location of choice.

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