Friday, December 24, 2010

the next 2 fave xmas songs....

well, ok 3.....because I can never decide which I love best. Box of Rain, or Ripple, as my #1 fave Grateful Dead song.
What possessed me to go with my daughters to GD's Portland Meadows show in Portland the weekend of May 28, 1995. I followed my desire. And, for that, forever grateful!
1995, the year my life began again I guess.
In early '95,I bought (another) copy of American Beauty....this time on cd, and played it and played it and played it...and I think it lit a fire or whispered the breath of sweet memories hard...and I changed my life.
unusual choices for xmas, but it's the time I look back and take stock.

If I had to try to tell you the way it was in the 60s man....a Dead show, a stroll thru Shakedown Street......that's as close as it gets....

My go-to song for xmas is......this one, because I love Charlie Chaplin, I am a Friend of Judy, and my mom adored this song, and adored Judy.