Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Grit....True Joy

I did not want to know anything about the new Coen Bros. True Grit. I adore the John Wayne version, and maybe not for the reasons you may think.
Mattie Ross was, in 1969, a joy to discover...a girl with True Grit. Determined, not soft and not waiting for it to be handed to her simply because she is a female and so much is expected of her.
A longer contemplation of the Coen Bros movie will come later, after seeing it today.
I was stunned to hear a familiar voice singing at the end of the movie. I had heard no mention of the closing song, and of the singer who filled the theater with her singular voice.
She is Iris DeMent.
This is her song, that is my long-time favorite. It is a stunner...
and too much like my own life.
this is a crappy video, because the real nice one won't be embedded.


I always keep the 14 year old inside me. She will never grow old, or grow up. She will always look to life and grab it and shake it. It's all she has.