Saturday, November 27, 2010

it's my small world.......

like other tiny people, I like tiny things.
tiny keys
tiny buttons
tiny thread
tiny tiny little things.

I like little works of art. a little world in the palm of your hand, because it is, really.

in thatyountvillegirl on etsy.

it started with trying to make something more masculine (I know) that wasn't beer, bacon or another.tie.

for a guy or gal, I don't care which, when they wanna add some snap to the outfit, the lapel, the hat, the bag....a PIN.

a brooch, too.

I also wanted it to be not-leather.

I started with the base...ultrasuede from the 70s. It's a synthetic that looks a lot like suede. tiny keys, tiny charms, cotton string, and no glue.
wool tweed or herringbone for the back. well, it feels so good.
The natural colors...and recycled from stuff that was tossed away.... from days long ago.
natural patina, natural rust....cotton string.
and each one has a tiny little fabric it's ready for a gift ...for yourself too!

the shop.

yes...a tiny sterling silver spoon.......

honey bee.

yes, right here.......