Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grey is the new gray.

geez, everyone is talkin' 'bout gray hair and long hair. well, everyone in bloggy world.
I've had long hair since I was a child...thanks mommy.
She used to put my hair in rag curls. oy.

I had Mr. Charles cut my hair in a pixie the summer before 7th grade just in time to impress the boys at Redwood Jr. High. It didn't work.
In 1967, 8th grade, I did the Peggy Fleming look with the short in back long in a swoopy  chin length thing front. 
Stunning video of Peggy skating!

I have pics of all this of course but I haven't set up the new! scanner so you'll have to wait.
From the first month of 9th grade in 1968,  it was hippie hair and dangly bells! Huh Andrea!

Well, the long hair stayed ...everyonce in a while I chop it to shoulder length...but it stays from mid back to waist length. It drifts into Mormon mother range with long braids, and whack! out come the scissors. I cut my own hair, and I don't care if it looks it.
yeah I read the New York Times article about ladies with long hair that are....also long in the tooth. Hey, this is what I like.
Ya'll go ahead and cut to pixie, elf, boy, Mia or whatev'. It's your what you want to do.

I also used to dye my hair black.......because my whole world was black after my mom died in 2003. God I hated everything about 2003.

So here I  was as gloom pussy, and I had already started to let my hair grow natural.
(red 2004)
Wow, look at the gray!
It looked like silver....I was hooked.
It's all natural now.
Long and gray. and getting grayer and silvery-er...this is summer 2010.

Those goofy little blogger girls ...are just cracking me up with they gray dye.

the other day....
Again with the stripes......
My gray hair looks fabulous with gray...I never used to wear gray above the waist. I had to divorce my first husband because he kept buying me gray sweaters....because he liked gray sweaters.

Now I wear gray all the time..everywhere.
Here is a b/w striped dress, a gray sweater, and my favorite gray 40s jacket I bought from Holly at LuciteBox.
She wasn't gonna even sell it...because it has flaws. I think I begged her to list it,and she did.  I was the only bidder on ebay. Stupid people! Lucky me!
Now I get compliments all the time when I wear it.
Yeah, and on my gray hair. It's still rare for a granny-age lady to have long gray hair. But not for long....
Flaws and all....just the way I like it.