Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yard of fabric to sew...

The garden is done for...all that the remains.
unless you a lucky type that has the winter greens sewn already....the daffodils and crocus already buried...

The kind of sewing I've been doing the last day or so is gardening in the workroom....we can sew seeds and I can sew a gardening brooch. I think I can get about 30 in this series...then no more !

I have a yard or so (sew) of fabric with old-fashioned gardening motifs...they look like they came from an old gardening implement's printed in black on ecru linen.
Yard.Sew.I can't stop.

These are in my etsy shop
That Yountville Girl

a few have a bit of green embroidered stitches...weeds and grasses.....everyone can grow that!
this one has a watering sprinkles...

there's pitchforks for pitching hay....clippers, gardening forks for forking the weeds...and wheelbarrows for moving the manure.

I love the rustic punky and simple.

with embroidered green grassy weeds.

It has a pin with a clasp on the back, that's covered. The grass-weeds are hand embroidered with green rayon embroidery thread.

It's both hand sewn and machine sewn with black thread.
each are about 2" x 3".

Some have felt backing ...some have wool tweed....all are perfect for the cold times of the year...when we really wish for the sun on our shoulders....the feel of warm soil...and a spray of water on a freshly turned bed...

Each brooch comes with a tiny fabric bag, randomly chosen, that rather matches the pin's color scheme.
Ready to give as a gift for someone special...or for yourself!

here's a sample I made to try the technique...another thing I designed. I was looking for something good for gift giving, stocking-stuffing...and fine for a guy or a gal. Well, I'm working on a more masculine pin...something with rust and leather, perhaps.