Monday, October 4, 2010

Yipes Stripes.....

stripes are my fave...
Stripes have a long history in dress ....They have historically been used to identify a social and political's a bit from...
Michel Pastoureau's The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes .

".....the medieval period's tendency to use stripes to identify those viewed as outcasts in society, including: serfs, the condemned, prostitutes, jugglers, clowns, hangmen, Jews, lepers, cripples, "bohemians, and heretics. The negative, or evil, stripe also appears in iconography and literary texts, worn by: treacherous knights, adulterous wives, disloyal brothers, cruel dwarves, greedy servants, Lucifer, the madman of the Book of Psalms, and Judas.
Pastoureau follows the stripe through history, as it is associated with servants, then later ("reclaimed"?) as revolutionary during the French Revolution. The punishing and degrading stripe reserved for prisoners, was again used by the Nazis in the concentration camps. Along all these vicious or negative stripes, good stripes also began to appear: a celebratory stripe, a romantic stripe, a seaside stripe, a children's stripe (sailor suits and Obelix!), an athletic stripe and a hygienic stripe."

Sans-culottes: Revolutionary Stripes

It is the perhaps the easiest design to make...along with the circle.

 I listed a few things this week made of stripes. Be careful!

A 40s hat of stripes sewn together of a rayon or nylon boucle.

A vintage corset strapless top edged with a stripe ruffle.

a simple black and white striped cotton vintage shirtdress....pockets!!

Graphic gray wool blanket features white stripes.