Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime and the Living is Easy....

I don't know about you, but I wait to eat some foods in season......they just taste better...I don't mind the wait....

My frig is full of local cherries from Eastern Washington, & a big box of ripe organic strawberries up from southern California....Is there anything better than the first tender basil leaves of summer?

I won't have my own great big garden this year....I just moved into my new house, so I rely on the Farmer's Markets here in Tacoma.....all 4 of them....
Yup, one on Sunday, one on Tuesday, one on Thursday, and on Saturday morning...all within a mile or 2 of my home.....& I think there's more if I want to venture even just a little further!

Summer is here, I've been having fun ...finally wearing tank tops and short skirts..yes...Finally! Sandals, and moccasins and sunglasses!
I listed some sunny-weather-only.....vintage sunglasses, a few vintage summer dresses and a sweet tunic top in the etsy shop today.

From the top:
1. Serengeti Drivers are the best. They aren't your average sunglasses....This pair, the classic, aviator style is a cool copper color all the way.
2. Fab I Ski cobalt blue with a shaded ombre purple.....
Quality plastic vintage frames and glass shaded lenses.
3. Vintage Cool Ray Polaroid awesome translucent tortoise frames, chunky rectangle shape frames for the 60s Mod groove. You won't be a big square when you wear these!

When it's hot, I love a sweet simple shift.....Cool and calm in colors of lime green and marina blue and dreamscape lavender, on a white background.

Silky cotton satin is a simple shape with a eye-catching impressionist floral print.

This cute dress has a wide stripe of woodland meadow ferns and pretty!
Sweet 70s dress with lots of earth tones in flowers, butterflies and mushrooms, with a blue daisy print.

Puffy sleeves, and a blouson top, with elastic at the top of the skirt.

Soft creamy cotton muslin, rainbow cotton embroidery threads and a comfy classic style...
Mexican dresses like this are a summer classic.

Another great shift dress......Stunning big orange poppies pop up over a flower bed of white and green and yellow daisies!

Teal cotton, 60s vintage dress is a comfy shift style. Straight style with bust darts, it goes on over the head.

Long red 50s vintage scarf is the perfect final touch for that charming outfit!
So versatile...
Cool watercolor rose garden, sheer cotton tunic top is the loveliest for a hot day.

Made of a sheer light printed voile cotton, it's in shades of peach, gray and gold, with halting black lines.

Mark and I bought some big basil plants...we love basil! The herb garden won't wait...We just brought home some lavender, thyme and rosemary.
The tomatoes and pepper plants will go in the fresh new garden bed tomorrow...
Once the garden gets'll get bigger and bigger as I add in bean seeds, and whatever strikes my fancy this summer. Right now, I have to plant vegetable seeds that have a 60 day grow season...but late in August I'll plant lettuce, radish, peas, and other traditional spring crops....which will ripen in the early fall.

I have a huge collection of summer sandals and tennies too. I guess I'll always be a California Girl.....up here you can only wear such silly footwear about 3 months of the year, unless you like cold wet feet. 9 months of the year my feet are in boots and wool socks.
But when the warm weather happens, be it April in a weird warm streak, or into October with sultry Indian summer will see my feet and my painted toes....
showing off in my multitudes of summer shoes that spend their lives in dark cardboard boxes like debutantes without dates, waiting for the sunshine phone to ring......