Tuesday, December 21, 2010

so I asked for some holiday music...

and Mark put Aqualung....My God on the turntable....
well, fine then.
(Jethro Tull)
be careful of what you ask for around here, for you shall surely get it.....

my other 2 favorite xmas/holidays songs are.....Elvis. The skinny Elvis.
I picked these 2 songs for my dad's jukebox business...we'd go to the record shop on Main Street, and buy 45's to stock the jukes he had all over Napa county. Every month we'd make the route to change out the records. That was back in the day when the categories were Rhythm and Blues, Country and Western, Popular Music, Gospel, Show Tunes, and Rock and Roll.
yeah. Good.

You put these 2 songs on the Hi-Fi, stick a martini in my hand and within 60 seconds you have a dancing crying mess on yr hands.
But it's worth it.

I just listed a new peacoat...a vintage pea coat, that is.

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