Friday, October 15, 2010

The Body Politic

Hey, it's Election Season! And Dress up like a crazy character Season!
The 70s were big...they were America's Salad Days.
This navy pantsuit...Yes, a jacket and a pair of slacks....
is so Hillary Clinton. It's more powerful than a fluffy dress.
Just sayin'

pic of Bill and Hillary, from TheMachoResponse blog.

Wow this 70s vintage pantsuit is so awesomey...Look at the belt. That's a red vinyl arrow...pointing the way to Victory.

Brass color metal buttons, fitted shape, epaulets, and Bells!

Wave the flag, Rah Rah Democracy!
Go unions!
Wash and Wear!

Yeah Hillary can rock it!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh man--Hill and Bill of that era would be SUCH a great couples costume! During the last round of election "socialist"-flinging, I thought it might be fun to dress as an actual socialist for Halloween. A Eugene V. Debs costume, maybe?

propriatress said...

a bowtie, a bald head and smile!

Can you believe I can't make up my mind about the M&T Costumes!
What are you guys gonna be?

It makes me giggle inside a little to see the socialism-haters love love love the military and Social Security...which is pretty darn close to ....Socialism.tee hee.