Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Preppy, Practical. Heritage and Rustic and right now

I love Levi's, old leather boots and camel and khaki....and lots of you do too.....It's the things I like to find and sell.

rustic. midcentury. practical. steampunk. with a touch of fairytale. gothic. tarnish and tatter

That's funkoma vintage......
Here's the kinds of things I get all goose-bumply over!
Old denim, old leather, old practical clothes that always look good...a little wear and tear....no bother!
an anorak is a fantastic jacket-pullover that is a preppy classic, a seashore classic.....

This one is 50s era, with a chunky metal zipper and drawstrings. Zippered pocket on the front, and 2 water-resistant pockets on the front.
Listed on etsy, this is a medium to large...Excellent condition, comfortably worn with a few spots.

How about some vintage heritage denim?

I have 2 worn and wonderful rustic denim jackets listed on etsy right now...Now is the time to do the double denim...or the ol' Texas Tuxedo! denim is fantastic, and I never get bored of it..in or out of fashion........
We know this classic,fer sure. 2 pocket indigo, 70505.
Everyone and their sister copies this classic Levi cowboy or trucker jacket. 

I have this jacket is listed at etsy...... Levi's is a heritage brand from 1853, born in San Francisco and still going strong. They are about to release this old standard, the trucker jacket, in Filson's famous tin cloth.

and this fine example of Americana.....the Lee 101J denim jacket, now listed on etsy. Lee began making workwear in 1889.
"Lee Mercantile Company was founded by Henry David Lee in 1889, when Lee opened his first garment factory in Salina, Kansas, producing dungarees and jackets."
It's another American Heritage brand we can take great pride in here in the good ol' usa.

So... don't pay bank for a phony faded denim jacket made in the 3rd world......this one has authentic worn-ness.....not factory made phony-ness!
Paint marks, real stains...But it's fresh and clean. It just looks like what it is...which is the real deal.

And here's another wardrobe basic I indulge in...many many pairs sit in my personal closet.....

Cool Dude square toe 70s boots 8D, or for a cool chick....
totally bitchin' brown leather boots are just broken in with millions of miles left to go...
Listed in my etsy shop......

I got nothing against a pretty dress and lacy undies...either....I love a well-cut vintage suit...
But classic casual style, denim and leather and old American, and old heritage brands will always flutter my heart!

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