Tuesday, June 8, 2010

this will be a strange one...

You meet people along the way...some of them you fall in love with instantly...some you just ignore.
Since I've been plugged in to the internetz...I've "met" some lovely lovely folks thru the magic of electricity and nerds...you know..
computers, plastic, hydro, public utilities and the 3rd world.

Well one of the many folks I've "met" only thru this blog, via her blog, is Sister Wolf. She's about 5 minutes older than me, grew up in California, and did a lot of the same things I did, all my life.
Except she is monumentally talented, clever, tall and pretty!
She told us about the things that pissed her off......and named her blog "Godammit I'm Mad"...she's a pretty good Catholic.
She suffered a broken hip and if that isn't fucked up enough, a few months back her sweet son Max suffered a horrible accident and was screwed over by the medical system, the doctors, the hospitals, the nursing home, the drugs....

He needed surgeries. He had one recently, and if I can believe my eyes....Max has died.

I am just stunned. I can pretty near imagine her grief. She's in grief...and that is all she's saying about that. I also wish that Max got well, and left on a trip to Italy to convalesce.
I'm not one of her friends...not in the flesh.
But she did take the time to come and read something I wrote about ...and left me a comment on my blog. My tiny little blog.
I know we would have been great RL friends.

We have the same wack sense of humor, but she is better in every way.
That's all...

It appears her son is dead.
Sister....all I can say is, that I hope your grief will be fully short-lived.
They say this is the worst ...
fwiw, I will think good thoughts for you...that the pain will visit and the ability to move bravely through this tragedy....will happen in the shortest amount of human scale time.


Sister Wolf said...

It is beyond the worst thing, I am in shock and disbelief, I walk past his bedroom and say goodnight as though he's still here, I have no idea how to process or cope and I don't plan to be "oaky" again....but I appreciate your kind thoughts and send back blessings


propriatress said...

It's hard to know the right words to say, so I'll stop..... I respect your privacy...even tho my blog is read by millions everyday...;-)
give yrself and California a big hug from me!