Friday, May 21, 2010

Outsourcing is the way to make Money....

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), Inc. will be firing workers in Kentucky, as..........
Tacoma City Council approves parking pay station contract
we learn from Tacoma Daily Index---
"Tacoma City Council approved a purchase resolution Tuesday that authorizes the execution of a $4.185 million agreement between the City and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), Inc. to begin the process of installing electronic pay stations in the central business district. "
So who/what is the company that will be collecting more money from shoppers and local folks who want to go downtown......
from Current it Market.......
Xerox, ACS buy set to bring in more jobs to India
[Thursday, October 01, 2009 | 0 comments ]

Xerox Corporation’s move to acquire Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services for $6.4 billion comes just a week after Dell’s buyout of Perot Systems for $3.9-billion.

The Xerox deal is expected to create “significant number" of additional jobs in India as cost optimisation is going to be great focus for the copier giant. In fact, Xerox expects to achieve annualised cost synergies in the range of $300- $400 million in the first three years by using ACS’ back-office expertise to handle the latter’s internal functions.

Aman Mustafa, country manager (India), ACS Global Operations Support, told TOI: “There will be a greater flow in the back-office work related to document management space. The coming together of Xerox and ACS will throw up significantly higher job opportunities in the country.’’

ACS is a 74,000-people strong company with global revenues of $6.5 billion. It employs 5,500 people in India across Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai and Noida. ACS will now on be called a Xerox company. Based in Sohna, near Gurgaon, Xerox currently has 500 people in the country, mostly in the marketing, sales and support functions.
Because there are no companies in Washington that can manage this kind of complex data collection. And there are no workers to be found here in do this kind of work.
So, Outsourcing.......and unnecessary parking good......for .......someone.
But I'm not really sure who....
Oh, yeah. MEGA Transnational Corporations that are not Headquartered in Washington.

So, off to buy some beer and check my tools out in the garage......


Nancy said...

We're a consumer society now. But in the rush for short term solutions, they seem to have forgotten that if people don't have jobs, they don't have money. If they don't have money, they can't buy goods and thus don't need to park and pay parking fees.

Just saw an article where the US no longer has the worlds most competitive economy. We've been surpassed by Singapore and Hong Kong.

propriatress said...

yeah, things have changed in the good ol' USA since the Reagan Revolution destroyed the tenets of the New Deal, which was the greatest affirmative action plan to create/keep a vibrant inclusive middle class.
Since the early 80s we've been sliding quickly/slowly into a hellhole.
There are other ways to gauge an economy...check out Bhutan, fer instance.
Just saying, it's very very interesting.
But Parking Viceroy Kurtis Kingsolver, a very charming guy who is incompetent at his job, is joining with City Mangler, to fashion Stinky Old Man Pants type solutions to problems in Tacoma that don't even exist...They are old-fashioned in a not very helpful way and don't seem to understand that it is 2010, and not 1962.