Saturday, May 29, 2010

City of Tacoma Loves Brothels

In the early 2000's the City of Tacoma named Court C between 7th and St. Helens "Opera Alley" to pay homage to the historic preponderance of brothels...and the many drinking establishments.

So...I'm not a politically correct type person...but I really find the naming of a street to honor brothels to be disgusting. But, the City of Tacoma thinks that is a fine name for a street.

(from the City's website:)Opera Alley
One of Downtown’s oldest and newest districts, this little slice of Tacoma is a collection of beautifully restored buildings. It is anchored by a café, a yarn shop and an interior décor shop, and offers many other retail shops. Stroll along St. Helen’s, north of 9th, and veer off to the right, just past the guitar shop. It's a step back in time to a more genteel era.

Brothels are "a more genteel era.".......Really?
More from the City of Tacoma website....
In 1892, the worst section of town was Court ‘C’, from 9th to 17th Streets. Known as "Opera Alley", it was lined with dance halls, gambling dens, and brothels. This was considered one of the toughest police beats on the West Coast and many dangerous criminals made it their destination. Saloons were also a major problem, and in early Tacoma, they stayed open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There were 17 saloons on the upper Pacific beat alone, which covered Commerce and ‘A’ Streets from 7th to 13th Streets.


Anonymous said...

How does the video relate?

propriatress said...

Hi kind of relates...since it's me walking down St. Helens just past "Opera Alley" .....I am rather fascinated with the idea that I am walking the same street, seeing many of the same bldgs, that have so much history, stories, adventures, sadness and life and death. So many people have walked thru that neighborhood...and me too...Have you? It's a pretty alley...